Kid's Constructive Eating Plate and Utensils Set

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  • The Kid's Constructive Eating Plate and Utensils Set is an imaginative and purposeful dining ensemble tailored to engage young children during mealtime while encouraging independent eating and fostering their creativity. This set is designed to captivate and inspire children by combining playful construction-themed designs with functional, easy-to-use utensils and dinnerware.

  • The highlight of this set is the distinctive construction-inspired plate, designed with sections resembling a construction site, allowing for easy separation of different food items. These sections are cleverly arranged to mimic a construction zone, offering designated spaces for various food groups, which not only make mealtime fun but also encourage a balanced diet and portion control.

  • The highlights of this set are the utensils – a fork, spoon, and pusher – ingeniously shaped and molded to resemble construction vehicles. Each utensil is sized perfectly for little hands, featuring textured grips that facilitate a comfortable and secure hold, promoting independence and improving fine motor skills.

  • The playful design of the plate and utensils stimulates children's imagination, turning each meal into a creative adventure. As children scoop, push, and pierce their food with these utensils, they're engaged in playful, constructive play, making mealtime an enjoyable and educational experience.


  • Material:  PP+TPE soft rubber 

Package includes

  • Depending on the variants you chose, you’ll get: 

    • A 3-piece Construction Vehicle Utensil Set

    • A Construction Zone Plate

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